October 27- 29. 2023

Women’s Wellness Retreat

Oct 27- Oct 29, 2023

Wellness Retreat

Restore your mind, body and soul with a Wellness retreat held in a cabin in beautiful McCall, ID. The retreat is designed and led by Latina organizers and providers.


– Check in: Friday 5pm
Check out: Sunday 12pm
– Do you want to add an additional service? Write us!
– All service providers are licensed in their field.
Cancelation policy: No refunds 21 days prior to retreat.

Welcome to our Women’s Retreat, an oasis of connection and empowerment!

Our Retreat Includes:

Yoga & guided meditation, fitness activities , cultural/art experiences and additional presentations. Healthy meals/juices will be provided along with a 21 day follow-up.

Don’t miss our Women’s Retreat!

Reserve your well-being today and join our exclusive retreat for women! Discover a transformative experience of relaxation and rejuvenation at the wellness center!


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